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Cologne wkndr 2024

  • When does the Cologne Weekender take place?
    The weekender will be from the 19th to the 21st of July 2024, with events in Cologne and neighboring cities less than 30 min away from Cologne city centre.
  • When can I purchase tickets for events?
    Tickets available on our website. Please check:
  • Will this be like a typical Caribbean carnival with other Caribbean carnival groups?
    In the traditional sense of a Caribbean carnival, this is not the same. As far as we know, we are the only Caribbean carnival truck on the parade demonstration. Together we would show our solidarity and support for our LGTBQI+ community by joining the other trucks/floats on the CSD parade demonstration which is part of the Cologne Pride celebrations. Last year it took us around 4 hours to complete the route so we could expect the same this year.
  • When and where is the CSD parade demonstration of Cologne Pride?
    We are joining the CSD Parade Demonstration, part of Cologne Pride, on Sunday the 21st July 2024 with the return of the only Caribbean Carnival truck. The journey will lead us through the vibrant city centre of Cologne. The official starting point will be announced by the organizers, a few weeks before the start of the parade. So as soon as we have this info, we'll share it with you. Exciting!
  • About Cologne Pride
    The Cologne Pride is the joint demonstration of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgenders and intersexuals as well as their friends and everyone who supports them. The goal remains unrestricted social recognition. CSD 2024 Motto: For human rights, Many, Together, Strong. Cologne Pride also expresses self-confidence and joie de vivre. The fact that the community appear and demonstrate together is what makes the CSD so successful, strong and has a political and social impact. Since 2003, Cologne Pride has provided the framework for a two-week program centered on Cologne Pride. On the one hand to commemorate the events on Christopher Street in 1969, on the other hand looking ahead to continue to demonstrate for equality, acceptance and social recognition of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender and intersexual people. You can find more information about the demonstration here.
  • How can I join the group?
    You can join our group by visiting the costume shop and making your purchase of either a costume or t-shirt package. Once your order is successful, you're then registered to join our group for the demonstration on Sunday 21st July 2024. An email with all relevant information will be sent to you explaining all further steps in detail.
  • Can I make a deposit for my order?
    Unfortunately we do not offer partial payment. However, if you become a member of the Soaked in Soca nonprofit, you automatically qualify for cool perks, one of which is 10% discount on all purchases in our costume shop. check here
  • Can I get a refund for my costume/fun-mas/t-shirt purchase?
    You can request a refund within ten (10) days of your payment. If you make a request after this period, no refunds will be issued.
  • I made an order but received no confirmation email.
    Please check your jukmail or spam. It is highly possible that we were detected as spam if you've never received an email from us in the past. If our email did go to junkmail/spam, please add us to your contact list to avoid you missing important emails from us in the future.
  • When does registration close?
    Registration for Costumes & Fun Mas closes at 21:00 on 15th April 2024. Registration for t-shirts as soon as they sold out. In the event that we are sold out, registration would be immediately closed at that time.
  • Can I join the group with my own customized costume?
    Unfortunately, we could only successfully complete our presentation with costumes made specifically for this parade demonstration. Members of our team will kindly ask anyone seen in the group not wearing a costume or t-shirt purchased from our costume shop to please leave the group and not disrupt our presentation.
  • How can I pay for my costume/fun-mas/t-shirt?
    We accept Credit Cards and bank transfer.
  • How can I get my costume?
    COSTUME PICK UP INFO Pick up dates are Friday 19th & Saturday 20th of July in Cologne Pick up time starts at 13:00 and ends at 15:00 sharp. After 15:00 no one will be there to distribute order packages. You must have your order confirmation number and picture ID in order to receive your order. No orders will be distributed without these. If you cannot make either pick up dates please organize that someone makes the pick up on your behalf. This person must have with them: The signed authorization letter IMPORTANT: There will be absolutely no distribution of costume/t-shirt packages at the truck on the day of the parade.
  • Do you ship the costumes/t-shirts/fun-mas?
    We do not ship and only offer pick-up in Cologne on the specified distribution dates and times. You will receive exact details via email as we get closer to the parade date.
  • What do I have to bring when collecting my costume?
    Please bring your costume invoice and your valid picture ID. Both are needed! No costume pick-up without either one.
  • What do I get when I come to costume distribution?
    You will receive your costume box, goody-bag with carnival essentials and an official access wristband. Your costume is not complete without this wristband and without it you would not be able to join the group. Please be very careful as to not misplace it.
  • Can somebody else pick-up my costume?
    Please let us know in advance if you intend to have someone other than yourself pick up your costume. We will need that person's full name and a copy of their picture ID to ensure that the right person collects your order. This person must also walk with your costume invoice. Contact us if you have any questions.
  • I purchased a costume. Can I bring someone along to join the group with me?
    Unfortunately only persons in costume or t-shirts purchased from us and wearing an official wristband, would be allowed to join our group.
  • The costume I want is sold out. Can I be placed on a waiting list?
    If your desired costume is sold out please send us an email and we will put you on the waiting list. Send your request to and if anything becomes available we will immediately contact you.
  • Will drinks and food be offered during the parade?
    For all masqueraders and members of our group, there will be a limited selection of snacks & beverages (alcoholic &non-alcoholic) available.
  • Where should I stay?
    You will want to find accomodation in or close to the city centre. However, Cologne has a very good public transport system so you most likley would never have to travel for more than 40 minutes if you do choose to book accomodation out of the city centre. During the summer there are usually good deals on or One thing is for sure! This weekend will be an extremely busy weekend in Cologne so we recommend that you book your accomodation and travel as soon as possible.
  • What happens if the events/parade gets cancelled or postponed due to covid or some other unforeseen situation?
    Just as in the past, we would always try to find alternatives before canceling any event. Nevertheless, if we have no choice and must cancel or postpone, all party tickets will be refunded. Concerning purchases of costumes, t-shirts and fun-mas items, there will be no refunds on these orders. All confirmed orders will be completed as planned and the pick-up dates will commence as usual. It will be your responsibility to collect your order on one of the designated dates/times in Cologne. If you cannot make it to Cologne to pick up your order please let us know at-least 24 hours in advance. We will hold orders for a total of fourteen days after the final pick-up date. All costumes still in our possession after this date, will be re-sold to local theater companies and t-shirts packages donated as clothing to charities.
  • Can I use my costume to join a band at other carnivals?
    Once you purchase a costume from us it belongs to you and you are free to use it however you see fit. However, it is your responsibility to get permission from the band you intend to join. We do trust that you will respect our brand and not use our products in environments that do not align with what we stand for.
  • What to do if I witness disrespectful or offensive behaviour
    Please report this to a member of our crew right away. Soaked in Soca is and would always be a happy and safe place for all individuals. We've never experieneced and kind of offensive behavior at our events in the past and we absolutely will not tolerate anyone exhibiting this behaviour. Persons caught would be banned for life from all Soaked in Soca events and reported to the authorities. If you're not about respect, empathy, freedom for all and togetherness, then we are not the group for you.


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