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Creamy Rasta Pasta with Jerk Shrimp

This recipe serves 4 people.

This Pasta dish is my version on the most popular Caribbean Pasta dish: “Rasta Pasta”. Typically, this dish is dairy free and vegan. However, I decided to add my own personal style to this recipe with some jerk shrimp and a cheesy sauce. One thing all Rasta Pasta dishes have in common: Lots of flavour and colorful vegetables.

Feel free to add or change certain ingredients to make it fit your personal preference and diet.


500 g of your favorite pasta

300 g of fresh Shrimp

1 tablespoon of fresh Chippin Jerk seasoning

1 tablespoon Coconut Oil

1 medium sized onion, diced

3 cloves of garlic, chopped

3 small bell peppers in yellow, red, green

A little fresh thyme

3 spring onions, chopped

1 teaspoon Chippin green seasoning

½ can of coconut milk

1. Wash and clean your shrimps. Take out the vein and place the shrimps in a separate bowl. Season it with your favourite fresh jerk marinade (for example Chippin Jerk). Place it in your fridge and let it sit.

2. Now it is time to cook your pasta. I like to use Penne for this dish but feel free to use whatever you like. Tagliatelle is also a great option. Cook your pasta al dente according to the instructions on the packet, drain off the water and set aside.

3.While your pasta is cooking, prepare your Shrimp: In a non-stick pan add some coconut oil and fry your shrimp on both sides on medium heat until they turn pink. This usually takes 1-2 minutes per side. Take your shrimp out of the pan and place it aside on a separate plate.

4. Now into the same pan, add in your onions, garlic, bell peppers, scallions, 1 teaspoon of Chippin green seasoning and scotch bonnet (optional). Let it fry on medium heat and stir well.

5. Add in your coconut milk and let it all simmer for a few minutes. If your sauce is too thick at this point, make sure to add some water. Add in some fresh Thyme, salt and pepper to taste. Gradually add in your cheese and stir it in as it melts. Your sauce will now become thick and super creamy.

6. Add your Pasta and your shrimp into your sauce and stir it all well together.

7. Enjoy!

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