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Saltfish Bujol

This recipe serves 3 People

Saltfish or salted cod is very popular in lots of different West Indian countries. The fish is heavily salted to preserve it. Even though Cod is not to be found in the Caribbean, it is a staple fish for many Islands in the West Indies. Ackee and Saltfish, Saltfish fritters or even Saltfish stew – There are lots of culinary possibilities for this cured fish.

Today’s recipe is about a Trini breakfast classic, Saltfish Bujol. It is very quick and easy to make and full of flavour. Of course I added my own twist to this dish as well and I am sure you will enjoy it!


500g Saltfish

2 Tomatoes, diced

4 scallions, finely chopped

½ small red onion or shallots, finely diced

½ yellow bell pepper, finely diced

2 tbsp good quality olive oil,

½ tsp green seasoning

½ tsp Hot Sauce (for example Simon’s Hot Sauce)

1. Prep your Saltfish

Saltfish needs a little prep before you can use it for your dishes. The fish is cured in salt, that means the first step is to get rid of some of the salt content.Rinse the fish under cold water and place it in a bowl of water over night. That way the dried, cured fish is rehydrated and the salt dissolves in the water. Rinse your fish again with fresh, cold water in the morning and taste to check for the salt content.

Usually, it will be still a bit too salty so you will have to boil the fish to get some more salt out.

Place your fish in a pot, cover with water and bring to a boil for about 3 minutes before you turn it down to a simmer for another 10 minutes. Drain the water and repeat- if necessary. It really depends on the brand of saltfish you have. Make sure you taste the fish in different stages of the prep to avoid it being too salty.

Next, rinse with cold water and remove any bones, skin or impurities. Set the cleaned fish in a separate bowl and shred and break it apart it with your fingers until you have very fine chunks of fish.

2. Prepare your seasonings

Dice your tomatoes, scallions, onions, bell peppers very fine. You want this dish not to be chunky but delicate and flavorful instead.

Mix in a separate bowl and add in your shredded saltfish. Combine everything very well.

3. Season to your liking

The last step is, to season to your liking. I like to mix olive oil, my favorite Hot Sauce, a little green seasoning and ground black pepper in a small bowl and pour over my Bujol. Mix it all together until all the flavors are well in cooperated.

This dish is served cold with fried dumplings, roti or fried bakes. I hope you enjoy this delicious, savoury breakfast.

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